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Music & Entertainment

Music and Entertainment is an integral part of our culture. The Indian Weddings are always accompanied by high-energy Bollywood songs, romantic music for couple dance, the Sangeetha dance numbers, the mehndi recollections, and many more; we have always celebrated our love and joy with music and dance.

Abhinava Weddings guides you to the various musical moments for your day. We arrange DJs, live bands, and instrumentalists & even create pre-recorded playlists for every occasion. We customize wedding entertainments, source dancers, identify choreographies, VJs, celebrity appearance, lighting, and special effect designs, and also create modern innovative formats to engage guests of all generations and ethnicities.

From classic to modern, we help you choose the right music and entertainment options for your taste and budget that reflect your celebration.

Wedding Photography

We are a team of experienced and creative minds that work towards making your wedding an experience to be relished forever

Our vision is to improve the wedding experience of couples everywhere with innovative services and consistent delivery in a professional way.

Do contact us if you are looking for creating good memories for your wedding and our photographers and film-makers would love to work with you.

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